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WindowCraft is a value-added distributor of wood, metal, and vinyl windows and doors that offers a wide range of products and solutions. No project is too extreme or modest for WindowCraft. We carry such a variety of products that we will be your one-stop shop for designing that dream home for your client. WindowCraft will deliver and install the windows and will custom make just about anything you can dream up. Browse our gallery of product lines and see for yourself just how WindowCraft can take your projects to the next level!

Custom Manufacturing

Not only do we deliver and install any window you see on this website, we also custom make windows. With our wide variety of customizable parts and high-quality products, you can be sure you’re going to get exactly what you want. Come see us at our showroom or browse our galleries to see what WindowCraft can do for you.


Steel Windows


Today’s steel windows and doors offer endless options for architects, builders and homeowners through steel window’s extensive range of product options and variety of applications. Whether for new construction, refurbishment or historical replacement, steel windows and doors offer elegant simplicity that can be used in a wide variety of architectural styles from Modern and Contemporary to Classic or Mediterranean.

Steel windows and doors are known for their strength, durability and beauty, and the narrow sightlines that allow the sunlight in to light up the room. The wide-open views of the outdoors are by far the most recognized quality of steel windows and doors.

• Narrow depths and slender profile face widths
• Ideal for renovation and historical reproduction projects
• Available in galvanized and stainless steel for coastal environments
• Large-area, multi-panel doors and partition wall constructions are possible
• Extensive range of fittings, locks and accessories
• Wide variety of glass inserts
• Excellent insulation properties
• Sophisticated systems for a wide range of applications, including narrow & traditional profiles
• Flexible application options with system compatibilities

Steel windows have the capacity to recreate a historical look as well as lend a contemporary appearance. With its slender profile, Bauhaus-style glazing can be simulated and restored. The subtle profile yields an elegant ambiance to any room.

Steel windows are preferred among many architects and is offered in thermally broken as well as non-thermally broken. The thermally broken material is made up of well-crafted and designed steel and fiber-reinforced high-performance plastic. This material has guaranteed minimal heat loss and maximum stability. Standard dual glazing can be easily integrated for optimum functionality.

• Features and Benefits of steel windows
• Narrow sight lines
• Energy efficient
• Elimination of interior condensation and frost
• Deeper glazing pockets allow for thicker glazing combinations & improved U values
• State of the art architectural coatings
• In-swing and out-swing designs
• Swiss design – tested and rated in North America